There are various ways to get a voice job

Voice jobs such as voice actors and announcers are very popular because of their longing. Voice actors are a particularly popular profession, and it is a famous story that there are 300 voice actors who can eat 10,000 voice actors among the voice actors. Although it is such a fierce battle voice actor, in order to become, it is necessary not only to have acting ability, but also to have singing and dancing, as well as communication skills to facilitate work with various people. However, if you decide to be a voice actor, you need to be more formidable in these abilities than anyone else.
So what are the ways to become a voice actor? The general route is to go to a vocational school, become a full-time member of a voice actor training institute, become a voice actor on the stage from an actor training institute, or pass an open audition. There is no right answer which way to choose, but the most important thing is going to a voice actor training institute.

Voice training besides the training school?

If you go to a voice actor training center, there are only a handful of people who can become full-time members of the office. In order to get a handful of them, you need to set yourself apart from others. If the training school you attended conducts lessons centered on acting, it is also effective to start playing musical instruments and vocal music to improve your own feeling and voice expression. This is because if you can act and are good at singing, you will have one more point to appeal. For that reason, if you can afford it, you can go to voice training and expand your voice range. Also, if you want to become an announcer instead of a voice actor, you can go to the announcer’s school when you are in college, or do voice training.
Voice work is a job that gives dreams to those who watch anime and those who watch TV. In order to stand on the stage of that dream, I want to cherish every day without compromising my daily efforts.