What kind of work is a voice actor?

A voice actor is an actor who appears only in voice in anime. You have voice over on TV and movies, right? It is said that there are many voice actors in Japan. How can I become a voice actor? There seem to be two ways. The first method is to enter a training school while studying, and then belong to production. At the training center, you will receive voice training to pass auditions. The other is to belong to a theater company. Some people seem to start by learning the performance itself at a theater company. To become a voice actor, it seems that acting ability, knowledge to play various people, etc., and an inquiring mind that can enter into anything with interest seem to be required.

What kind of work is an announcer

An announcer is a job that conveys information in words in an easy-to-understand manner. In the news, etc., a script is basically prepared and I will read it, but not only just reading accurately, but also interpreting what is important and trying to convey the most to the viewer etc. However, it is a job that requires the communication of words. Even if I say in a word as an announcer, some people work for TV stations, while others are free and active in various places. To become an announcer, you must be hired as a full-time employee at a television or radio station. To get a job at one of those companies, it would be advantageous to graduate from a four-year college. The announcer is said to be a narrow gate, so if you seriously aim, it is better to consider taking voice training in advance.

The tuition fee for a voice actor training school is about 100,000 yen for admission and 200,000-400,000 yen per year for tuition, depending on the training school . There is no big difference in the admission fee, but there is a difference in the tuition fee, so it is necessary to make a thorough investigation.