Anime! game! Narration! Jobs with many voices

As the name implies, a voice actor is an “actor who appears in a voice.” I have a wide range of work, including anime, games, narration, and Japanese dubbing of movies. In other words, it is all the work of playing a voice.

First, to become a voice actor, you must enter the office, audition for that role, and pass. And you need an audition to belong to the office. The magnification is high and it will be a very tough road.
In general, I think that there are many cases where you enter a voice actor training institute and audition for an office affiliated with that institution to become a voice actor.

So what do you have to do to win the audition?

What is required of the current voice actor

What a voice actor needs is “technology,” “individuality,” and “my weapon.”
“Technology” means not making viewers feel uncomfortable. Instead of just reading the manuscript, you have to act as if the character is really speaking.

Next, “individuality” is voice quality. It doesn’t have to be low and astringent voices for men and high and pretty voices for women. Consider auditioning for a role that fully utilizes your own “voice quality”.

Finally, my own weapon. This can be anything. In recent years, voice actors are increasingly exposed to the media. There are also examples of actually performing live anime. At that time, if you have your own weapons such as good looks and good motor skills, you have a chance.

It is a very difficult world, but it is also a profession that impresses people. If you really like it, you may want to try it!