Voice School is a professional school for becoming a voice actor

When we hear that it is a voice school, it is associated with a training school or a vocational school that we attend to become a voice actor. There are various people at the voice actor training school, such as those who go to high school once a week, those who graduate from high school and enter a vocational school, and those who go to university while attending. These people are working hard every day at the training school to take the first step as a voice actor. Unlike ordinary schools, the voice actor training school stands in front of a microphone and thoroughly learns the basics of acting to express the character’s behavior and emotions from a professional teacher. In addition, there are training schools that are also focusing on dance and singing, and there are places that are developing multi-voice actors who can deal with everything from acting to singing and dancing. On the other hand, ordinary schools mainly listen to classes and lectures on weekdays, write reports, take exams and earn credits. For those who want to be voice actors, the training school offers more specialized lessons.

You can learn drama at a normal school

Ordinary school Although it is a university here, some universities also have majors in drama studies in the Faculty of Letters, so you can learn what drama and drama are, including lectures. It is possible for those who are majoring in drama studies to come into contact with theater directly by entering a theater circle or theater company at a university. However, at the university, stage plays are the main focus, and there are few lectures that focus on voice. With that in mind, when it comes to aiming for a voice actor, it may be one step behind the people who go to the training school. In order to become a voice actor without going to the training school, you have to pass public auditions, which is a very narrow road. Therefore, if you want to be a voice actor, you can say that the shortest way is to go to a voice actor training center, which is packed with know-how to become a voice actor. Also, there are some training institutes where you can go to a voice actor training institution while attending a university, so it is important to choose a training institution that suits you.

If you decide on a voice actor training center in Tokyo, you will have a valuable experience of visiting famous actors in the voice actor industry and taking classes from special lecturers.